Zone 5: Key Questions

Key Questions to Ask

Cognitive Science: Understanding the Mind
Biological Phenomenology: Body's Influence
Autopoiesis: Self-Producing Systems
Key Questions
  • What cognitive processes are driving this behavior?
  • How do past experiences influence current actions?
  • Is this behavior a result of conscious or unconscious thought?
  • How does the individual's mental model influence their behavior?
  • What cognitive biases might be influencing this behavior?
  • How does the individual's physical state influence their behavior?
  • What biological processes might be driving this behavior?
  • How do the individual's physical needs or constraints influence their actions?
  • How might the individual's health or physical condition be affecting their behavior?
  • Does the individual's behavior reflect a biological or physiological pattern?
  • How does this behavior contribute to the individual's self-maintenance or self-production?
  • Is this behavior a response to a change in the individual's environment?
  • How does this behavior reflect the individual's need for adaptation or survival?
  • Does the behavior show signs of a self-organizing or self-regulating system?
  • Is the behavior part of a pattern that maintains the individual's identity or integrity?

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