Perspective: Early Human Society: 70,000 BCE

Perspective Taking

  • As an individual in this society, I feel a deep connection with the world around me. I am part of the earth, the sky, the fire, and the water. I see the spirits in everything, from the stones under my feet to the stars above my head. My dreams are filled with symbols that guide my actions and decisions. The cave paintings I create are not just images, but powerful spiritual messages that connect me with the unseen world. I use basic tools, but to me, they are extensions of my body and my spirit. They allow me to interact with the physical world and to fulfill my role within my tribe.
  • From a physical perspective, my body is adapted to the environment. I am strong and agile, capable of hunting and gathering food, building shelters, and protecting my tribe. I use basic tools made from stone, wood, and bone to help me in these tasks. My senses are keen, allowing me to track animals, find edible plants, and avoid danger. I communicate with others through gestures, sounds, and symbols. The cave paintings I create are a form of visual communication, conveying information about hunting strategies, spiritual beliefs, and social structures.
  • In my tribe, we share a common culture and belief system. We believe in the spirits of the land, the animals, and the ancestors. We perform rituals to honor these spirits and to ensure the well-being of our tribe. Our cave paintings are a reflection of our shared beliefs and values. They tell the stories of our tribe, our ancestors, and our gods. They are a way for us to remember our past and to envision our future. Through these shared symbols and rituals, we create a sense of community and belonging.
  • Our social system is based on cooperation and mutual respect. We work together to hunt, gather food, and protect our tribe. Our roles are determined by our skills and abilities, as well as our age and status within the tribe. We follow the guidance of our elders and our spiritual leaders, who make decisions based on the welfare of the whole tribe. Our cave paintings serve as a record of our social structure and our collective achievements. They are a testament to our ability to work together and to adapt to our environment.

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