Zone 4: Key Questions

Key Questions to Ask

Collective Beliefs: Shared assumptions and values
Social Norms: Unwritten rules of behavior
Social Systems: Structures shaping interactions
Cultural Anthropology: Study of human societies
Ethnomethodology: Analysis of social norms
Key Questions
  • What are the shared beliefs in this society?
  • How do these beliefs influence individual and group behavior?
  • What is the origin of these collective beliefs?
  • How are these beliefs reinforced?
  • How do these beliefs evolve over time?
  • What are the accepted behaviors in this society?
  • How are these norms enforced?
  • What happens when these norms are violated?
  • How do these norms shape individual identities?
  • How do these norms influence group dynamics?
  • What are the key social structures in this society?
  • How do these structures influence behavior and beliefs?
  • What power dynamics exist within these structures?
  • How do these structures respond to change?
  • How do these structures perpetuate inequality?
  • What are the key cultural practices in this society?
  • How do these practices reflect shared beliefs and norms?
  • How do these practices influence individual identities?
  • How do these practices perpetuate or challenge social structures?
  • How do these practices evolve over time?
  • How are social norms constructed and maintained?
  • What methods are used to study social norms?
  • How do individuals navigate and negotiate social norms?
  • How do social norms shape interactions and relationships?
  • What are the implications of violating social norms?

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