What is Amber Doctrine?

Perspective Taking

Amber-stage Style of Discourse
Communication Purpose
  • We engage in communication as a means to preserve and transmit our group's enduring values and traditions. Our discourse acts as a vessel for passing down time-honored wisdom and maintaining social structures. It secures the collective identity by underscoring shared beliefs and reinforcing the narratives that bind us together as a unit. We assert that it's essential for keeping the community cohesive and functioning according to the principles we hold sacred.
Approach to Communication
  • We approach communication with reverence for the established traditions and authority figures within our group. Our dialogue follows formalities and rituals that reflect our collective identity and moral codes. We expect members to show respect for the conventions that define our interactions, as these are seen as extensions of the group's integrity and our shared heritage. We see great virtue in upholding these norms, as they are what make us who we are.
View of Opposition
  • We understand opposition as a deviation from the group's consensus and moral compass. When faced with opposing views, we perceive them as threats not only to our established ways but to the social order and the very fabric of our community. Such dissidence is often met with suspicion and is seen as an indication of misguided judgment or a faltering commitment to the values that define us.
Handling of Conflict
  • We manage conflict by realigning the discordant views with the group's sanctioned norms and expectations. Our intent is not to escalate or engage with conflict in ways that could destabilize the existing hierarchy or social structure. Instead, we rely on the wisdom of our timeless traditions and the adjudication of our authoritative figures to guide members back to the fold and reaffirm the collective ideology.
Approach to Resolution
  • We approach resolution through reaffirmation of traditional values and consensus. Our resolution processes entail reaffirming the collective's doctrines and leading those in conflict towards a common understanding based on our heritage and the precedence set by our ancestors. We believe in resolutions that restore harmony without disturbing the underpinnings of our societal order.
Decision Making Process
  • We make decisions in a hierarchical manner, grounded in the wisdom of our historical narratives and the guidance of our leaders who embody the group's values. Our process upholds the chain of command and relies on the collective's time-honored principles for direction. This ensures that our choices are congruent with the expectations and norms of our members and maintain the stability of the group.
Values in Discourse
  • In our discourse, we emphasize values such as loyalty, duty, and respect for tradition and authority. Our dialogues reflect the importance we place on conformity to group norms and the preservation of the social fabric that has sustained us through generations. We value rhetoric that aligns with and reinforces the group's collective wisdom and moral standards.
Outcome Orientation
  • We orient our outcomes toward the reaffirmation of the group's cohesion, the perpetuation of our traditions, and the sustenance of our established social structures. Our desired results strengthen our shared identity and ensure that every member's conduct and beliefs remain in alignment with our collective values. We seek outcomes that uphold order and provide a clear sense of place and purpose within our community.

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