Teal Communication Practices

Practical Guidance

Internal Reflection
Interpersonal Engagement
Systemic Integration
Holistic Synthesis
Practices for Internal Reflection
  • Practice mindfulness to cultivate awareness of your own biases and viewpoints.
  • Regularly journal to reflect on and parse out complex ideas.
  • Meditate on dichotomies to explore how they can complement rather than oppose each other.
  • Use contemplative practices to explore higher-order principles behind your beliefs.
  • Engage in self-inquiry to understand how your personal experiences influence your perspective.
  • Seek others' perspectives to expand your own understanding of issues.
  • Listen actively, with the intent to understand rather than to respond.
  • Invite feedback on your notions to refine and deepen them.
  • Engage in dialogue with others to expose the nuances of different viewpoints.
  • Validate others' emotional experiences as part of empathic communication.
  • Identify patterns and systems at play within various viewpoints.
  • Analyze the interconnectedness of diverse perspectives and their broader implications.
  • Utilize systems thinking to discern root causes and synthesizing insights.
  • Map out how individual viewpoints contribute to a larger narrative or system.
  • Foresee potential outcomes from synthesizing varied perspectives.
  • Develop a personal framework to integrate diverse insights into a cohesive understanding.
  • Create metaphors or stories that capture the essence of synthesized perspectives.
  • Formulate principles that align with a higher-order synthesis of ideas.
  • Explore philosophical or spiritual traditions that emphasize unity in diversity.
  • Articulate the synthesized principles in a way that others can understand and relate to.

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